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Xy lanh Airtac TN20x50-S

Xy lanh khí Airtac TN20x50-S

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1: Product Name: TN-20×50-S Airtac TN TDA series Twin-rod cylinder Double acting type

2: Specification

Bore size(mm) 10 16 20 25 32
Acting type Double acting
Fluid Air (to be filtered by 40 um filter element)
Operating pressure 0.1~1.0MPa(15~145psi)(1.0~10.0bar)
Proof pressure 1.5MPa(215psi)(15bar)
Temperature  °c -20~70
Speed range mm/s 30~500
Adjustable stroke mm -10~0
Cushion type Bumper
Non-rotating tolerance ±0.4° ±0.3°
Port size M5x0.8 1/8″
xi lanh airtac tn
xi lanh airtac

đại lý TN20x50-S, nhà phân phối TN20x50-S, đại lý xi lanh airtac TN20x50-S

1) TN series are alll with magnet
2) When the thread is standard, the code is blank
4: Product Features
1. Enterprises standard is implemented.
2. It is good resistance to bending and twisting moments.
3. Bumper in front of the barrel can adjust the stroke of cylinder and relieve impact.
4. Embeded installation and fixation mode saves the installation space.
5. Mounting holes on three sides facilitates multi-position mounting.
6. Standard configuration of this series has magnet and the type without magnet is not available.
6: Material of major parts

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