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Van điện 6HV0510

Van điện 6HV0510

Van điện 6HV0510

Thông số kỹ thuật van điện từ Airtac 6HV0510

AirTAC Solenoid Valve 6HV0510 6HV0520 6HV0530 6HV110 6HV120 6HV130 6HV Series Electrical Solenoid Valve

Model: Van điện 6HV0510 Van điện 6HV0520 Van điện 6HV0530 Van điện 6HV110 Van điện 6HV120 Van điện 6HV130
Port size: In=Out=Exhaust=M5 In=Out=Exhaust=M5(or=1/8″)
Orifice Size(Cv Valve): 5.0mm²(0.28) 4.5mm²(0.25) M5:0.28/06:0.58
Max Frequency: 5Cycle/Sec 3Cycle/Sec 5Cycle/Sec 3Cycle/Sec
Fluid: Air(to be filtered by 40μm filter element)
Acting: Internal pilot
Operating Pressure: 0.15~0.8MPa(21~114psi)
Proof Pressure: 1.2MPa(175psi)
Temperature: -20~70℃
Material of Body: Aluminum Alloy
Lubrication: Not Required
Exhaust type of pilot valve: Main valve and pilot valve concentrated exhaust

① PT thread,NPT thread and G thread are available.
② Once lubricated air is used,continue with same medium to optimise valve life span. Lubricants like ISO VG32 or equivalent recommended.
③ The maximum actuation frequency is the no-load state.

Product Feature:

1.Electrical entry is terminal, horizontal and vertical insertion can freely switch.

2.Inner exhauststructure, which can collect pilot airflow, and then exhaust intensively from R,S port.

3.Internal hole adopts special processing technology which has little attrition friction, low start pressure and long service life.

đại lý 6HV0510 | nhà phân phối van điện airtac | đại lý 6HV0520

Item: Specification
Standard Voltage: AC220V AC110V DC24V DC12V
Scope of Voltage: AC:+15%~-10% DC:±10%
Power Consunmption: 1.1VA 0.9W
Protection: Dust-proof
Temperature classification: F Class
Electrical entry: Terminal
Activating time: 0.05Sec and Below

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